Supplier Contract Management System

Our system for Supplier Contract Management centralises your legal documentation into one secure archive, accessible on any device and from anywhere with an internet connnection.

Not only can you have instant access (locally or remotely) to important documents and certificates online, but historic information also handy for contract negotiations. The system can build bespoke management reports and configured to alert users to events, reviews, and flag up missed, due or unnecessary contractor payments.

Secure, branded portal

We not only build a system that meets your technical requirements, but one that is matched to your existing brand identity too. Our systems are fully secure, with individual user access and audit trails.

  • Secure and Individual Role Based
  • GDPR compliant
  • 2-Factor Authentication, Active Directory & 365 Integration
  • Access from remote and other devices such as mobile or tablet
  • Can meet corporate identity brand guidelines
  • Pre-defined and bespoke report features

Find information faster

Our systems feature not one, but multiple search tools to help you quickly find the information you need. Whether it’s a simple key word search, or a complex query to narrow the criteria and reduce matching records, our system is designed to help you find information faster.

Search tools include:

  1. A Google style word or phrase search
  2. Panel search (key field selector)
  3. Boolean AND/OR multiple line search

Filter your findings

Large archives can contain vast amounts of data, which can produce great swathes of results when searching. To help reduce the number of results in a search, our system includes additional filters which can more finely sort records. For example, you can view or sort records that contain a particular element of the contract, such as by manufacturer. Our system can be programmed with as many options as you need.

The results list shows you each result with its own traffic light coding to notify you of the item's status, and whether or not it requires attention.

Import your existing data

If you have existing records, indexes, or data in Excel format, this can be easily imported. The import wizard will automatically create new records and match data to relevant fields in your new system.

Additionally, you can also attach new documents to records using the drag and drop facilitiy to upload related files. Where appropriate, the system will “read” the document on-the-fly so the data within can be searched.

Legal Contracts Management System

This is our bespoke and tailor designed system. It provides complete control over the Legal Contracts of your Organisation. Solutions for PLCs, SMEs, Utilities, Local Gov, Schools and Universities, Charities, Prisons, Hospitals, Football Clubs, Construction Industry, Associations, organisations and societies.

We have extensive knowledge in providing departmental contracts systems too ( e.g. Property, IT etc). Our system features a Traffic Light Event warning system for contracts coming up for renewal or expiry; the ability to upload multiple document types (contract, T&Cs, Quotation, non-successful-company-quotations and so on), plus full management reporting, and an extensive audit trail. Our bespoke product is designed to the client’s specific requirements, and can include any meta information required (enabling you to organise or search by such data).

The benefits of our Legal Contract Systems are numerous. Not only will the system reduce costs associated with the storage and retrieval of paper-based documentation but you also get improved data accuracy, accelerated capture and processing of critical contract information, and accelerated delivery of data and documents to bring total business efficient systems.

Other features of our Litigation Support Services include:

  • Copying, scanning and OCR
  • Project and quality management
  • Repository management
  • Onsite project document capture
  • Document preparation / reconstruction
  • Document splitting and automated image separation process